Call for Center of Landscape Architecture Building Donations

To my fellow landscape architects,

I’m writing to invite you to join me in donating to an exciting project to promote the image and ethic of our great profession. The ASLA Board of Trustees has approved a plan to renovate the Society’s headquarters building and create a world-class Center for Landscape Architecture to inspire and engage our staff, our membership, allied professionals, public officials, and the general public. 

As you may know, the Society purchased our current building in downtown Washington for $2.4 million in 1997, just as the neighborhood was being revitalized. Situated halfway between Capitol Hill and the White House, today it’s an incredible location in a vibrant neighborhood. While the building is structurally sound, after 17 years of occupancy it’s in shabby condition. During that time, our membership has grown by 50 percent and our staff and programs have expanded as well. In short, the building is poorly configured for our current needs. 

After an intense RFP process, Gensler was selected to lead the design team, which includes award-winning landscape architecture firm Oehme, van Sweden, so our profession’s values will be well-represented. We plan to build to LEED Platinum™ and Well™ building standards. 

Our mortgage was paid off last summer and our building is currently valued at $6.9 million. We will finance most of the renovation project by leveraging the building’s equity, but we will also raise $1 million in donations from individuals, firms, chapters, and companies. 

Since the Board approved the project on November 20, we’ve received more than $166,000 in payments and pledges, without even asking. The more funds we raise, the better off the project will be. We’ve established giving levels and naming rights. Pledges may be paid over three years and donations will go through the ASLA Fund, making them charitable contributions. I hope you will review the information and images on the web site and give generously to establish a Center for Landscape Architecture. 

Thank you for your kind consideration and happy holidays to you and yours,

James Burnett, FASLA
Fundraising Task Force Chair
Center for Landscape Architecture

Center for Landscape Architecture Fundraising Task Force Members:

Gerdo Aquino, FASLA
Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, FASLA
Thomas Balsley, FASLA
Brian Clark, FASLA
Andrea Cochran, FASLA
Chris Dimond, FASLA
Mark Johnson, FASLA
Mia Lehrer, FASLA
Mario Nievera, FASLA
  Thomas Oslund, FASLA
Martin Poirier, FASLA
Janet Rosenberg, FASLA
Brian Sawyer, ASLA
Peter L. Schaudt, FASLA
Glen Schmidt, FASLA
Christy Ten Eyck, FASLA
James Wolterman, FASLA
Thomas Woltz, FASLA

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