The events committee manages the planning and execution of chapter events, which include the appointing of Winter Awards and annual Golf Tournament Chairpersons. This committee actively assists the Advocacy <link> and Public Awareness <link> VPs and their committees in planning of events for the chapter membership, whether purely social, or related to specific advocacy, sponsorship, or public relations efforts.


Works closely with the Chapter Executive Director in designing, implementing, and managing the Chapter’s sponsorship program. In addition to the general chapter sponsorship, the committee also leads the development, implementation and coordination of major gift activities of the chapter. 


The advocacy committee assists the President and Past President to develop and execute tactics to politically influence the advancement of the landscape architecture profession. This includes working with MALA, APELSLA and government officials at the local, state and national level. This committee often works closely with our sister chapter, Prairie Gateway in consolidating efforts in Missouri. 


The membership committee organizes and supports initiatives to promote and maintain membership of St. Louis-area Landscape Architects. This committee also manages current, lapsed, and potential new members. This committee works closely with the chapter secretary <link> on maintaining an accurate membership database with chapter communication. 

Public Awareness

The public awareness committee organizes various events and initiatives to promote the landscape architecture profession in the St. Louis community. Ensures public awareness activities are in line and current with national ASLA directives. 

Student Outreach + Emerging Professionals

The student outreach committee maintains a relationship with local student landscape architecture communities to inform and involve them in ASLA activities. The committee also serves as the liaison between the professional and student chapters.