2016 Trustee Mid-Year Report: CPC Meeting in DC

A summary report from your Trustee, Scott Emmelkamp, following the mid-year CPC meeting in Washington D.C. 

Advocacy Day

  • ASLA Chapter Leaders from both the Prairie Gateway (PG) and St. Louis Chapters (SL) met with their respective Congressional Representative’s and Senator’s offices on Thursday, May 19th. (See photo of Jim, Scott and Felipe with Rep. Ann Wagner) In attendance were Felipe DeNarvaez (SL), Jim Wolterman (SL), Scott Emmelkamp (SL), Cale Doornbos (PG), Jade Liska (PG), Misty Riley (PG) and David Stokes (PG). Two issues important to landscape architects that we advocated for included the NPS Centennial Challenge and Resilient Streets transportation funding. More information on these issues can be found on the ASLA website http://advocate.asla.org
  • Our own Susan Maag was recognized by ASLA National for her advocacy efforts on behalf of the profession. She received the coveted Advocacy Leadership Award. Congrats to Susan! (See photo)

BOT Meetings

  • New and 2nd term returning trustees were sworn in for service to the society.
  • A dues increase was approved by the board of trustees. A ‘cost of living’ increase of $15 will be effective in 2017 with no increase in 2018. National membership dues will increase from $355 to $370 next year. The St. Louis Chapter dues will remain the same. 
  • The first year free membership for emerging professionals was changed to graduated dues over a five year period. In this new dues structure the membership cost increases gradually and Associates can become full members at a discounted rate during this time frame saving hundreds in dues compared to the previous system. 
  • Candidates for Vice President of Finance, Membership and Professional Practice gave speeches to the BOT and Chapter Presidents. 
  • Candidates for President-elect of the Society gave speeches to the BOT & Chapter Presidents.
  • The BOT approved the creation of two new committees - Student Advisory and Associate Advisory. A representative from each committee will attend the BOT meetings and help to inform the board directly on emerging professional issues. Student ASLA and Associate Members interested in serving on those committees should let me know ASAP.
  • Minor language changes to the Constitution and Bylaws was approved by the BOT.
  • Voting for ASLA Honors selections was completed. More information on the 2016 recipients will come out soon.
  • Nominations for service on the various ASLA Councils, Committees and Affiliations are happening until June 17th. If you are interested in volunteering for any committees please let me know. 
  • A panel discussion regarding Climate Change was held with leaders from AIA, ULI, APA and ASCE during a combined lunch with the BOT and Chapter Presidents. ASLA is working to position landscape architects to be the ‘go to’ profession to address the climate change issue. 
  • The 2nd annual BOT/CPC Kickball game was held between the Trustees and Chapter Presidents on Saturday. This year the Chapter President’s stepped up their game and won a close match. The BOT looks forward to a rematch next year. Congrats to the CPC for taking home the trophy.

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