St. Louis ASLA Chapter Presidents Letter • Oct. 2017

St. Louis ASLA Chapter Presidents Letter
October 2017 

The Chapter President Council (CPC) meetings were held on October 19-20 in Los Angeles, California as part of the ASLA Annual Meeting.  Cory Murner, President elect and myself attend the meetings, while Scott Emmelkamp, our Chapter Trustee was in an adjacent room attending the Board of Trustees meeting.  The CPC Meetings are always good to attend, in order to learn how other Chapters address similar issues and opportunities.  We heard some good ideas on how to attract new members and attain emerging young professionals.  There was also much discussion on chapter events, communications, continued education units (CEUs), chapter financial accountability and advocacy for licensure.  

It was evident in discussions that the Saint Louis Chapter has much to be proud of regarding our operations and growth.  Our chapter was recognized in the “Membership Cup” for making the top 5 of chapters for percentage of membership growth. This is even more impressive since almost half of the chapters nationwide, had negative growth rates.   Many other chapters also took copies of our annual awards books and advocacy books, which we brought with us to the meetings.  We received numerous compliments on the books from chapter leaders from Oregon, Virginia, New Mexico and California Sierra Chapters.  Lastly, it was also verified how fortunate we are to have an executive director for our chapter.  Numerous chapters do not have an executive director which impacts chapter operations, growth and sophistication.  In summary, while we have much to do in our chapter, the CPC meetings verified that we have also a lot, which we can take pride in as a chapter. 

- Russ Volmert, PLA, ASLA, AICP

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