2014 Civic Stewardship/Robert Goetz Award Nominations

The St. Louis ASLA Chapter would like to request nominations for candidates for the 2015 Civic Stewardship Award and the Robert Goetz Award. These two awards represent a high level of achievement in the field of landscape architecture in the St. Louis area, and many prestigious individuals and organizations have received the awards in the past. Detailed descriptions and qualifications of each award follow, as well as documentation required for a nomination. 

 Nominations for both awards are due by FridayJanuary 9th, 2015 by 5pm.

Please contact Stephen Ibendahl with any questions about either award, especially if you are considering a nomination process for The Robert Goetz Award.  Please send a digital file of the nomination packet to
Stephen Ibendahl, Chapter Trustee • [email protected]

The Civic Stewardship Award 
The Civic Stewardship Award is a pro-active award by the St. Louis Chapter to recognize an individual or organization that have raised awareness or shown stewardship of the natural or built environment. The recipient may or may not be a landscape architect. 

The Robert Goetz Award 
The Robert Goetz Award for Distinguished Career in Landscape Architecture acknowledges the career of a local landscape architect who has practiced the profession with integrity, recognition and excellence. The award is not an annual award, but rather will be awarded to worthy candidates as determined by the qualification submittals and by the discretion of the Executive Committee. 

If you are considering submitting a nomination, please contact the Executive Committee prior to beginning the nomination process.

For a list of past winners, click here. For a copy of the nomination form, contact Elizabeth Graff

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